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We┬┤ve developed a online portal based on international frameworks to support the growth of craftsmanship of professionals.

After completing a questionnaire the professional and organisation receive distinct development activities.

For personal growth and to stay relevant.



Business Transformation

Defining new role and craftsmanship

In our portal you can easily define new roles and skills.

The questionnaires are automatically generated based on the definitions.

Based on the results, the organization gain insight into the required developments.

The insights support digital transformations. We use our consultancy network for organizational advice and transformation processes.

CareerTracker takes care of the administration so you can focus on the collaboration.




Business and Soft Skills

We deliver training in cooperation with our respected partners like Global Knowlede, Didacticum, Youfacilitate and Lagant.

We have over 20 years of experience in the education industry.

This enables us to coordinate your training requests.

CareerTracker takes care of the administration so you can focus on the collaboration.

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